Townships Mini Gorge

Townships mini gorge stream emanated an almost deafening roar the closer I got to it descending down hill.
Descending down towards base of Townships mini gorge brought an almost deafening roar to ears from normally
 feeble stream swelled several times because of recent abundant rains.

Descending down hill towards the Eastern Townships mini gorge to witness the heavy flow of the normally feeble stream that had swelled several times its size because of last October’s abundant rains seemed to increase the roar to almost deafening.

This past October was a particularly wet month, which saturated the countryside really raising the ground water level providing this stream’s source with plenty of water.

I was hiking through the forest near the country cottage when I first heard it noticing the sound seemed to emanate from up ahead,  over the next hill,  so decided to check things out.

After trekking over some hills I arrived at this mini gorge, which contained that rushing stream creating all that noise.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”GORGE”.