One-Way Trip

One-way trip riding on steel wire while attached in harness during Montreal en Lumiere winter festival.
One-way trip attached in harness over Montreal’s Quartier-des- Spectacles attached in a harness rolling east along one inch thick braided stainless steel wire.

One-way trip over Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles attached in a harness rolling east along a one inch thick braided stainless steel wire from one platform to another.

It was a bright sunny but really cold morning with very few people outdoors on the Quartier festival site when I took this picture of this woman riding the famous “Zip Line” overhead.

The scene is downtown in February, 2015 over Saint Catherine Street during the Montreal en Lumiere winter festival and this young women is enjoying some real excitement speeding on some rollers along the taunt steel wire heading from a high platform located near Bleury Street towards another lower platform near Saint Urbain street.

All participants are dressed in safety gear which includes a protective hard hat and special harness attached to rollers sitting on the stretched braided wire additionally, they also should have they own warm winter gear to keep while doing this trip otherwise, they become  frozen popsicles.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ONE-WAY”