Risky Transit

Very risky transit by couple in kayak on wind swept choppy "white cap" water of Lake Saint Louis in September.
Couple’s very risky transit in kayak on wind swept, choppy, “white cap”, water of Lake Saint Louis on bright,
sunny,  Sunday in September off shore from Stuart Hall in Pte. Claire.

Kayaker’s very risky transit on wind-swept water of Lake Saint Louis thankfully ended landing on north shore in Pte.Claire, Quebec that bright sunny Sunday in September.

As the photo clearly shows only one occupant of the small watercraft is wearing a life preserver while paddling on open, choppy, “white cap’ populated, already cold, deep, water  perfect for hypothermia.

I watched this couple from Stuart Hall on north shore taking this long-range digital image as they paddled towards shore on picture’s hidden right side near where a picturesque old Catholic church stands at top end of a small crescent-shaped bay.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”RISKY”.