Popular legend

Popular legend has it that Diefenbaker Conservative government were wrong cancelling Avro Arrow.
Popular legend regarding Canada’s Avro Arrow has it that Diefenbaker Conservative government were wrong cancelling this secret advanced military jet aircraft project.

Ever since secret project was abruptly terminated during Diefenbaker era a popular legend evolved regarding Canada’s position in today’s advanced military jet aircraft.

Armchair experts insist that the Diefenbaker Conservative government set Canadian aerospace back allowing others primarily the USA to benefit from all the very expensive research already done as well as from all the technical staff Avro laid off.

They claim Canada gave away the whole store in a proverbial  “fire sale” ending up poorer for it because many of those Avro scientists and technicians ended up “Making America Great” working in USA developing its NASA space program.

There is no doubt that the Avro Arrow was unique and probably the most advanced aircraft of its kind however, it was heavily over-budget generating a real strain on Canada’s fiscal resources.

Canada, although a huge country with its small population tax base did not have an economy to support this type of very expensive project  compared to the USA with its massive economy.

Ottawa’s Canada Aviation And Space Museum is home for part of what’s left of the Arrow, the cockpit are depicted however, 1/3 of both wings,  essentially its wing tips,  and two sets of engines, one being the famous Iroquois, are available too.

These other components are stored nearby along the inner wall of the building for those interested in viewing them.

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