Installing Highrise Windows

Installing highrise windows is tricky however, two construction workers are oblivious to height.
Installing highrise windows is particularly tricky however, two construction workers seem oblivious being
halfway up 30 to 50 story building.

Installing highrise windows is a particularly tricky business due to many factors however, these two workmen on scaffold seem at ease about it.

Lately for the last few years Montreal downtown core has had a construction boom of modern towers whose exterior is mostly glass and metal similar to this picture.

As mentioned at least once in my previous posts all this construction is funded by overseas money because Canada seems as a safe place to invest money that would probably be taxed at home.

These two construction workers appear to be doing some sort of maintenance on these windows oblivious to being suspended on that scaffold about halfway up a 30 to 50 story building.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”WINDOWS”.

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