Layered Goodies

Layered goodies await passersby at Phillips Square kiosk across Saint Catherine Street from Hudson's Bay store.
Layered goodies await passersby at kiosk on northern edge of Phillips Square on Saint Catherine Street featuring mostly Quebec maple syrup products and various souvenirs.

Tons of layered goodies await passersby at a kiosk on Saint Catherine Street directly across from the famous, huge, old Hudson’s Bay store complex.

The products sold are mostly products made of Quebec’s maple syrup and various souvenirs and trinkets that tourists anc visitors to Montreal would like to buy.

The kiosk’s actual location is on the edge of Phillips Square, a little park surrounded on four sides by old commercial buildings including Hudson’s Bay.

Phillips Square is a piece of public property located in an old part of Montreal’s downtown and has a large bronze monument designed by Louis-Philippe Hébert  erected in 1914 and dedicated to late King Edward VII, who while still Prince of Wales, visited Montreal in 1860 for the Victoria Bridge inauguration.

This property named after Thomas Phillips, a former city councilor and entrepreneur , and donated to Montreal when he died by his widow as a perpetual memorial to her husband.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”LAYERED”.

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