Waiting In Ambush

WW2 German paratrooper waiting in ambush ready to gun down any enemy soldiers.
WW2 German paratrooper armed with MP-40 machine pistol waiting in ambush ready to gun down any
 enemy soldiers coming into view.

Waiting in ambush armed with his MP-40 machine pistol WW2 German paratrooper is ready to gun down any enemy soldiers that come into view.

The scene is probably somewhere in Italy perhaps, near Monte Cassino,  where the Allies had fierce battles with all branches of the Hitler’s Nazi armed forces in the famous monastery ruins.

Another more likely scene would be Otto Skorzeny, commando extraordinary, and his handpicked special paratroopers raiding Italy’s Gran Sasso’s Hotel Campo Imperatore to extract dictator Benito Mussolini from his captors.

This daring raid by crack German paratroopers on the country’s highest peak using gliders remains the best original “mission impossible” based on the extreme difficulty such a operation had to master to save Il Duce from the hands of the Allies.

Our realistic depiction is from an exhibit at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”WAITING”.