Trade Shows Educate Visitors

Trade shows educate visitors about new advances in technology and how it will impact on their industrial output.
Trade shows educate interested visitors about new technical advances in computer-controlled machinery and how it will help manufacturing sector reduce costs and improve production rates.

Trade shows, like depicted, educate interested visitors about new advances in technology and how it will impact on output in manufacturing sector reducing costs and improving production rates to boost more profits for company owners.

This image depicts technical workers being shown a new numerical controlled work center machine that uses multiple tools and is capable to produce very complex and precise work pieces in least time compared to the past when the work was done in whole machine shops by multitudes of skilled machinists using many machines.

As the picture shows the machining is done enclosed inside a machining compartment that can be viewed through coolant splashed plexiglass.

The manufacturing is done quickly and efficiently while continually doused in special coolant to protect the tools and work-piece from heat buildup due to the rapid machining rate.

The SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) puts on trade shows every year such as this in many big cities both in USA and Canada, this one was the 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show.

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