Flame Toasting Bun…Priceless!

Watching this guy try flame toasting his hotdog bun on campfire's flame seemed priceless.
Flame toasting a hotdog bun…priceless!

Flame toasting a hotdog bun…priceless!

In my mind watching this guy trying toasting his hotdog bun on campfire’s open flame seemed incredible because I’ve never done it nor attempted to however, this guy did it successfully at least this one time.

Labor Day weekend and it was party time out in the Eastern Townships with lots friends and a ton of mostly homemade party foods, dogs, burgers and stuff, as well as ice-cold brewskis and some wine refreshments.

The weather was cooperating also on Saturday, a little chilly early in day when breezy typical of September however, few clouds and sunny, the warm sun improved it all as the day progressed.

Later on in the afternoon they decided to start a campfire to cook some hotdogs and marshmallows for the children (not shown) and this when our man decides to toast his bun on the flame while I’m watching to see what will happen.

For the record, this guy only managed to lose one bun after successfully toasting about half a dozen for himself and his buddy showing his hairy legs on extreme left corner of this picture.

The most amazing thing here is that he did it with long stick and not with a metal wire like many people have used to toast buns on a flame.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PRICELESS”.