Pointy Head Structure

Pointy head structure is unique from amongst similar looking blue tone color skyscrapers populating Montreal downtown.
Its pointy head makes this structure stand out from amongst similar looking blue tone color skyscrapers in downtown Montreal however, its pyramid top is not the only interesting feature it has.

It stands out because it alone is the only pointy head structure in downtown Montreal however, its top is not the only unique feature of this skyscraper.

To get noticed from amongst the herd of similar looking tall buildings being built or already in place, this structure composed of hundreds of four distinct tones of blue-tinted long and short of varying dimensional rectangular and square glass.

Making it interesting the building’s “foot print” is a large square with vertical triangular outgrowths straddling on one corner perhaps two directly opposite the corner we see in this picture.

The main square part of this building carries four smaller squares the last topped with the pyramid moreover, each square top has its four corners topped with a grey-white triangle.

lastly, the aforementioned triangular outgrowths are contained between two brown color metal or perhaps concrete vertical rectangles.

The vertical rectangles appear three distinct tones and just like aforementioned building squares, are topped with triangles only these are brown color and each rectangle has three.

There are also twelve black colored square and rectangular metal plates or perhaps special windows on the first three squares that rest on the main square structure.

Finally, the pyramid has four large two-tone hollow square tubes supporting a smaller square with a bunch of windows in one of the aforementioned blue tones.

Since I never visited this building I don’t know the detail regarding the bottom or main floor however, I think this structure is a fascinating one worthy of this photo challenge.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”STRUCTURE”.

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    1. Typical of most skyscrapers it is large however, not to the extreme.
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