Synchronize MarioKar Laps

Arcade seems to synchronize MarioKar laps because "Lap1/2" appears in corner of display screens.
Arcade seems to synchronize MarioKar laps because each young driver has identical lime-green color   “Lap1/2” in top left-hand corner of display screen.

The arcade seems to synchronize MarioKar laps because each  young driver appears to have an identical lime-green color “Lap1/2” in top left-hand corner of their display screen.

Although each display screen has markedly different icons on it with instantaneous, rapid-action scenes happening constantly, they all have in common that large “Lap1/2”.

It probably means that everybody began playing almost simultaneously and their time to play is running out soon.

The scene is a video arcade store on Saint Catherine street west obviously frequented by youngsters used to playing video games that dazzle them with eye-catching, vivid,  color,  quick-action video and mind-numbing,  addictive,  high-pitched,  high-volume tech noises.

This combination of rapid-eye video coupled with addictive sounds reminds one of similar stuff on those video gambling machines found in many bars and casinos attended by the loser-addicts.

The creator-makers of such machines have also included this toxin in other more useful things our technology starved “techie” society has embraced while desiring to communicate quicker and better.

Our I-products, droids, and galaxies are quietly yet efficiently turning users into virtual zombies occupying most of their attention,  enslaving them to check their cellphones constantly verifying if a call was missed,  amusing themselves with some moronic Facebook video of cute animal playing piano, or checking latest Donald Trump episode.

Importantly and scant mentioned by our obedient,  controlled,  mass-media is the growing international, scientific, readily available evidence that indicates exposure to wireless device emissions are becoming a public health catastrophe of incomparable magnitude.

It seems recent history is forgotten by most otherwise,  our stampede to wanton acceptance of new electronic and wireless technology and its derivatives would slow down a bit for some  careful assessment.

History has shown us ongoing delays by our irresponsible, acquiescent, past government turning a blind eye to what  businesses and industry were doing and failing to act properly regarding asbestos, cigarette smoking and Bis-phenol-A (BPA), as well as thalidomide and urea formaldehyde insulation ended in disaster.

Today folks our wireless industry seems to continue this criminal tradition,  in full cooperation with corrupt government,  doing everything possible to sustain and synchronize efforts to pad their already obscene trillion-dollar profits.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SYNCHRONIZE”