Prickle Weeds

Weeds including prickle weeds, go wild during particularly wet Summer like this year in Canada's east coast.
Weeds, including prickle weeds like depicted, go wild during particularly wet Summer like this year in Canada’s east coast while west coast’s forests burn because lack of rain.

Dandelions,  prickle weeds like depicted Canada Thistle, Creeping Charlie,etc.,  go wild during wet Summer like Quebec and Canada’s east coast is experiencing this year while West Coast forests burn due lack of rain.

Alleged “climate change” is blamed for what is happening and there is an element of truth in it all however, our limited recorded history throws some doubt on it all because even before the term was coined our planet has had good and bad weather along with extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Our reliance on technology and in particular computer generated weather and temperature charts based on data gathered by humans and software programs also created by humans to accurately predict our planet’s future is a recipe for disaster.

We are error prone therefore the basis for our decisions extracted from computers is also not reliable enough to make possibly very costly conclusions moreover, there is no shortage of well placed and connected international criminals waiting to profit from it all.

This doesn’t mean that no more real scientific work needs be done to ensure credible data  however, all ideology tainted science must be denied free reign as it seems to have presently.

Our governments need to decide honestly and properly how our taxes are spent regarding any influence humans can muster against the forces of nature for the benefit of humankind.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PRICKLE”.