Better Than Lollipop

Two young girls enjoying their cotton candy conclude it's much better than a lollipop and so yummy soft.
Two young girls busy enjoying cotton candy conclude it is much better than a lollipop because there is so much more
of it and it’s so yummy soft.

Thinking to themselves both concluded cotton candy is much better than a lollipop because there is so much more of it, it’s so yummy soft, and you can tear off pieces too.

The scene is 2016 Canada Day, where two young girls are busy enjoying their puffed pink colored candy laughing meanwhile, in the lineup nearby awaiting their own turn, a couple of boys look on in envy.

“Who loves ya babe” line comes to mind when thinking about lollipop candy remembering that the late Hollywood actor Telly Savalas used it in his role on the “Kojak” cops and robbers TV show.

That TV program created a myth surrounding Savalas that continued until his death because he was always Kojak with a lollipop in his mouth however, in real life he actually regretted ever having any because of tooth decay and extra calories it caused him.

One type is hard candy on a stick contain a soft center filling available in a number of colors and flavors, this is the one Kojak always had in his mouth probably, a “Roll Pops” made by Tootsie, a popular company brand.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”LOLLIPOP”.