Caretakers Frantically Organize

Caretakers frantically organize themselves trying to help disabled man back onto his wheelchair while crowd looks.
Caretakers frantically organize themselves trying to help emotionally disturbed disabled man get back onto his
wheelchair meanwhile, gathered passersby crowd looks on.

Caretakers frantically organize themselves struggling to help disabled man get back on his wheelchair after he, in a fit, flung himself off it earlier.

As a Montreal police cadet looks on three obviously anxious people work hard to put an unruly, probably emotionally disturbed man back on his wheelchair which he exited for reasons unknown meanwhile, resisting help to get back on.

The scene is Saturday July 29, 2017 on Saint Catherine Street several blocks west of the Quartier-des-Spectacles during when the Montreal Just-For-Laughs Festival was going on there.

After having left the Festival and while walking I first heard some yelling turned my head around towards source and then witnessed the depicted incident happening.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ORGANIZE”.