Pest Controller

Mother Nature's best pest controller very capable, quick, efficient engineer and bio-chemical killer.
Mother Nature’s best pest controller is very capable, quick, efficient, and also an excellent structural engineer with degree in bio-chemistry.

Mother Nature’s best pest controller is very capable, quick, and efficient also an excellent structural engineer with a degree in bio-chemistry who enjoys his work.

This post could be about some insect pest like the common house fly however, I think spiders are more interesting because they ruthlessly deal with insect pests so we don’t have to.

The spider is an arachnid whose worldwide family amounts to over 45,000 variants allegedly found everywhere except the South Pole, Antarctica perhaps, because it’s too cold down there.

It has eight legs, four pairs of eyes, and a head assembly with fangs and built in hypo that injects venom into insect victims like pesky mosquitoes, houseflies, ants, moths, beetles, wasps, etc., paralyzing them to wrap them up into cocoons with spider silk.

Nature’s insect pest controller has appendages on its abdomen that releases the sticky silky stuff in a variety of amounts as required once the victim insect has been snagged in web, grabbed and deftly injected with paralyzing quick acting poison.

My picture depicts a little spider, I don’t know the species, found in my backyard embedded in a very fine almost invisible web set up to snag any flying insects, mostly tiny moths, mosquitoes, and flies that may circulate around.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PEST”.