Non-Traditional Trio Band

Place Heineken beer tent is scene where non-traditional trio busker-alley cats band called Street Meat perform.
Street Meat is your non-traditional trio band of busker alley cats playing own brand of interesting unique variety of
irresistible music entertaining excited fans in Montreal.

Street Meat, your non-traditional trio band,  playing an interesting variety of Americana, Bluegrass, Prog Rock, Rockabilly, and Twisted Ragtime melded with a touch of Old-time Gypsy Soul and Punk.

These three born buskers are comfortable playing almost everywhere and have toured many places from Montreal to São Paulo singing and playing their unique brand of irresistible music.

The scene is 5 PM, Thursday July 6, 2017, inside Place Heineken beer tent during the recent Montreal International Jazz Festival as these alley cats perform their gig in front of an excited crowd of fans and tourists.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TRADITIONAL”.