Gooseberry Fragrance

Raccoons can't resist gooseberry fragrance, a sweet odor signaling possible presence of ripe berries.
Summer brings many good smells including irresistible gooseberry fragrance, a sweet odor raccoons seem to like
investigating for ripe berries.

Summer brings lots of good smells including irresistible gooseberry fragrance in air from small bushes loaded with big ripe and ripening juicy, sweet, berries.

Although some humans are more sensitive than others regarding sweet odors from multiple sources animals are much better equipped distinguishing yummy smells even in trace amounts.

Last week during night a gang of furry rascals raided our backyard probably deciding to investigate a strange sweet odor in the air fortunately I heard them and took action however, not before turning our gooseberries bushes a mess while they gorged themselves on ripe berries.

One of masked marauders’ leaders depicted, this mature raccoon looks so innocent meanwhile, keeping a careful eye on me concerned about what I was about to do to kick them out of the yard.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FRAGRANCE”.