Savor Halal Food

Two women in hijabs order Halal food they savor that their Moslem faith permits instead of usual menu from Saint Catherine Street eatery.
Two Moslem women wearing hijabs sit down at Saint Catherine Street eatery outdoor terrace ordering Halal food they savor instead of restaurant’s usual menu.

Two Moslem women wearing hijabs place order for “Halal” meals they savor instead of usual restaurant menu offered because their faith prevents eating food considered “haram”, not permissible or lawful in traditional Islamic law.

The scene is Saint Catherine Street on Friday July 14, 2017 during the local merchants street long sale and these two hungry young women sit down at a restaurant’s outdoor terrace, a likely place for a nice meal.

Montreal, a world-class city, is home to many different people and cultures from across the globe therefore, prepared food sourced from almost anywhere can be found including specials like Halal and Kosher, both which in many ways are alike.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SAVOR”.