Old Champlain Bridge

Old Champlain bridge soon just foot note in history replaced by new, much better, modern, suspension version in 2018.
Old Champlain bridge soon just foot note in history after new, modern, 10 lane, suspension type version completed by 2018 linking Montreal to its south shore neighbors

The old Champlain bridge soon to be just a memory, a foot note in history, because already another newer,
more modern, 10 lane, suspension version hopefully much better type is being constructed next to it.

Started in 1958 and completed in April 1967 just in time for Montreal’s famous Expo 67 world’s fair it will disappear by 2023 replaced by a new structure.

The new Champlain bridge, if it retains the historic name, is a suspension type structure and is rumored to be ready by late 2018 meanwhile, the present structure will be removed in stages, dismantling begins in 2019 at the earliest, and demolition completed by 2023.

The new $4.25-billion span links Montreal to South Shore, the project began in 2015 and expected completed by December of 2018 by present work crew of 500 expected to reach 1000 people, many Mohawk “iron workers” from nearby Kahnawake First Nations reserve on the south shore.

This picture depicts the famous hump stretch on the Champlain south shore side, which we traveled over on our way to the Eastern Townships in the Fall of 2016.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”BRIDGE”.

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