No Illusion

Act is no illusion as white Stetson man and woman partner juggle huge knives between each other riding rain slicked stage on unicycles.
Act is no illusion as man wearing white Stetson and attractive woman partner riding unicycles on rain slicked stage fearlessly juggle three huge, sharp, curved knives between each other .

Act is no illusion as white Stetson man and woman partner fearlessly juggle huge, sharp, curved knives between each other while riding rain slicked stage on unicycles during light intermittent rain showers.

It was the eve of Saint Jean Baptiste and a light rain was falling intermittently resulting in a low crowd turnout to enjoy the entertainment going on a stage across from Dollard-des-Ormeaux city hall however, the show continued regardless with a jugglers-on-unicycles duo act.

Apparently, it may have been a husband and wife team although I don’t know however, they were fearless professionals performing juggling all sorts of objects and also riding unicycles half the time through their exciting act.

While they were performing their routine, the stage floor became progressively wet because of some slight cross-wind gusts carrying the rain drizzle on to it making an already difficult and dangerous act even more so yet they continued without hesitation, thank God that it all went well!

Yesterday, when this show was going on, there were very few people around to enjoy it however, later towards supper time more people appeared because apparently the fireworks display after dark seemed worth their time, and miracle of miracles, the pesky rain showers stopped before the whole show came to end around midnight.

Although I arrived late missing about a third of the pre-Jean Baptiste show I did ended up as a diehard determined to stay around during the rain showers however, I think it was worth it because the quality of entertainment including these wonderful jugglers on wheels was excellent.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ILLUSION”.