Children Commit Fun

Excited children commit much fun on stage during 2016 Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations in borough on Montreal's West Island.
Excited children commit much fun on stage during 2016 Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations in borough on Montreal’s West Island amusing nearby happy parents watching whole spectacle.

Excited children commit much fun on stage during 2016 Saint Jean Baptiste day celebrations in a borough on Montreal’s West Island singing, clapping their hands, and jumping up and down while their very happy parents nearby watch the whole spectacle.

As my picture shows these small children are clearly enjoying their experience being up on stage with an adult animator-moderator (far top left) encouraging them, and leading the children’s chorus singing all sorts of appropriate songs and engaging them in lively activities designed to make it happy and memorable time.

Some of these little guys seem to be dressed up to mark the occasion wearing hats with French Quebec’s provincial heritage emblem, the fleur-des-lys or simply Québec written across the front in large letters.

Each year on June 24th Quebec celebrates the feast day of its patron saint, John the Baptist, or as they call it in French Quebec, Saint Jean Baptiste however, since the fateful election of the separatist Parti Québécois in the 1970’s the holiday became secular “La Fête nationale du Québec”.

This holiday on June 24th, has reverted to being a state sponsored orgy of excessive boozing, drugs, merry-making, inappropriate behavior, and sex by many reminiscent of similar bygone pagan excesses during the dark past like when Herod imprisoned and martyred John.

Instead of being a respected religious day of peace, visits with family and friends, poignant reflection, prayer, and worshiping God in Church meanwhile, also remembering John’s tragic beheading it is just another secular wild party designed to help the government keep power by doling out tax money on the “fête” activities.

Reasons for this slide towards the Abyss vary however, a lion share of blame falls on an influential, small minority of Quebec atheistic, monied, political elite conspiring with other powerful enemies of the Church to exploit certain sick abuses by a small, perverted minority of Quebec’s Roman Catholic clergy,  to help rip away many already aimless, ignorant, uneducated, and weak-willed non-practicing Catholics from the Church.

This is incredible considering that it was the Church that kept it all together for the Québécois since the French defeat at the Plains of Abraham near Quebec City, when France abandoned them to their fate with Protestant England, who could have easily assimilated their culture and deleted their existence.

Since then Quebec has been in a free-fall, its monied, political elites leading the way in Canada towards amoral, immoral, and decadent behavior where human life has become to mean very little anymore replaced instead by an emphasis on material gain and wealth.

As a final reward the “enlightened” converts are guaranteed a cheap cremation of their mortal body remains on the pyre perhaps, to accompany their immortal soul already in the Abyss.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”COMMIT”.

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    1. Fortunately, for children their fun is guaranteed, as it should be, no matter what as my picture shows. Thank you for very much for your visit and comment!

      1. Both are very cute little girls and seem to be enjoying themselves a lot. Thank you for your wonderful comment!

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