Lucky Taper

Sleek formula 1 race car by Honda named Lucky has taper very evident right up front in at least two places.
British-American Racing Honda formula 1 race car named Lucky exhibited on Peel Street last Friday has taper very evident right up front in at least two places.

British-American Racing Honda formula 1 car Lucky exhibited on Peel Street in Montreal during last Friday lead up to the famous Grand Prix race shows evident taper right up front in at least two places.

The sleek car named Lucky perhaps, because it was fortunate in winning a race or maybe just to ensure that it had everything covered regarding any superstitions that would have prevented it to be in the winning circle who knows!

I was lucky last Friday morning to have great weather for my visit to the Grand Prix warm up festivities going on downtown and discovered how the whole scene was different this year perhaps, owing to certain tragic world events.

It was slightly overcast making it perfect for pictures like this one also it was moderately warm just the way I hoped it to be, finally when I arrived at the scene the crowds still had not showed up making things almost ideal.

This year compared to my last visit Peel Street added as another sealed off venue for exhibits including a large go-cart track and several virtual reality car race kiosks as well as a type of theater where you take your seat facing a huge screen and experiencing the feel inside a formula car meanwhile, viewing actual race footage taken by a multitude of professional drivers in actual Grand Prix races.

Loud surround sound and seat vibrations felt mimicking being inside a formula car while its wheels traveled over race track surfaces.

The experience while sitting in your seat made for a very exciting time particularly when coupled and synchronized with viewing on that big screen out in front of you, actual tires and car debris tearing off and flying around following a crash by cars into walls or each other made it so real that it was scary!

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TAPER”.