Clone Order 151XD

Six clones execute Republic Grand Army Order 151XD after time wormhole transport to 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations.
Six identical looking automatons infiltrate 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations following Republic Grand Army Clone Order 151XD, a scouting mission for future Earth conquest.

Six identical looking automatons infiltrate 2017 Montreal Prix celebrations executing Republic Grand Army clone order 151XD, their special mission to blend in unnoticed in the festivities while preparing Earth’s invasion.

After positioning themselves on platform of their starship’s time warp machine, a wormhole window, transported the clone crew to their precise destination into the universe’s past.

The Republic Council wary of certain inaccuracies existing in their massive data base regarding the planet’s vulnerabilities and defenses sent their clone scout crew to carefully investigate and verify known information afterwards return home for consultation, more instructions and preparation.

Eons earlier, sophisticated fake news systems hazed reality enough that even the Republic’s super sophisticated trinano-quantum servers couldn’t distinguish fact from fiction creating the need for clone order 151XD mission.

Unknown to our advanced clone crew, Canada, the province of Quebec, and Montreal, are already infested by secret alien entities involved in controlling Canadian society through a treacherous banking system abetted by powerful fake news and propaganda media network supporting their agents to corrupt government.

The aliens usurped fiscal and political power through cunning deceit enslaving millions of citizens to a wicked international banking cartel system remotely accessed and run by several mother ships scattered over the globe, the nearest and most influential one located deep in New York City.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”ORDER”.

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