Distant Tokyo Sax Masters

Japanese musicians from distant Tokyo, thirteen sax masters, play incredible hybrid music during 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.
Distant Tokyo sax masters, thirteen Japanese baritone saxophonists,  play their incredible hybrid music during annual 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival.

Last summer from distant Tokyo thirteen sax masters, that is 13 baritone saxophonists although only seven are depicted here, visited Montreal playing their instruments to create their incredible hybrid music.

This young troupe of Japanese musicians called Tokyo Chutei-Iki created music that was neither classical, jazz, nor rock and roll yet it was a combination of all these and their audience loved it.

Their world tour began in Tochigi, Japan soon flying over to Belgium for a short gig in Brussels then Hasselt, Netherlands afterwards flying into Montreal for the annual International Jazz Festival playing several free out-door concerts including this one at the Place Heineken beer tent.

They also did a number of gigs around town including one at the Japanese consulate afterwards taking a short break checking out Montreal hopping a plane and returning home to Tokyo, Japan.

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