Brassy Babes

Two alleged brassy babes talk to policeman on Crescent Street last year during annual Montreal Grand Prix weekend.
Two alleged brassy babes talk to policeman wearing red cap during annual Montreal Grand Prix weekend last year, standing next to one of bars that line famous Crescent Street.

Montreal policeman wearing a red cap talks with what appears like a couple of brassy babes on famous Crescent Street during last year’s Montreal annual Grand Prix weekend.

Everyone was standing next to one of the bars, seems filled to capacity with international race fans and tourists, that line this street.

The Grand Prix weekend normally brings a lot of international visitors many with money to spend while merrymaking, checking out the bar scene and women in Montreal .

Montreal is already known worldwide and compared with Amsterdam by experts for its easy access to sex in the most liberal province in Canada with probably the most lax laws regarding sex.

As with most large cities worldwide Montreal has its share of “sex workers” or prostitutes and these are available on streets, in massage parlors,  strip clubs,  private clubs,  and even private apartments if you are looking for them.

They can also be found through certain local papers, magazines, and Internet social media because advertising sex seems  technically legal and for about $250-$350 one hour a “high-class” escort is readily available after a simple telephone call to a number found through these ads.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BRASSY”.

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