Precipice Fence

At precipice steel fence separates passersby and huge hole by foreign "investor" money for expensive condominium highrise.
At precipice steel fence separates passersby and huge hole dug out for another expensive condominium highrise for international overseas investors mostly rich Chinese.

At precipice a steel fence separates passersby and the huge maw of a hole dug out for another tall structure most likely an expensive condominium highrise paid for by international overseas investors, mostly from mainland China.

Montreal like many North American cities now exploited by monied international corporations and some rich types who desire to hide their assets, some acquired illegally, from their home governments control.

On the west coast of Canada, Vancouver has become less hospitable now to foreign “investor” money because of new laws recently enacted by the provincial government reacting to curb abuse.

The politicians have awaken now to the suffering of many of their citizens, who suddenly found themselves excluded from owning affordable property because of massive increases in real estate costs and taxes “going through the roof”.

Meanwhile, in next door Alberta, in the city of Calgary, similar abuse is happening and therefore, the Alberta provincial government is also reacting to contain the damage with their own legislation.

While much more east in Toronto, Ontario, that provincial government has been forced by the runaway “investments” in their real-estate to react with legislation coming very soon to curb it.

In Montreal, Quebec, there is money coming in however, things are somewhat tempered because of the historic cultural and language parameters making the international investors wary.

Also in Quebec, probably the highest taxed place in North America, everything is much more expensive and unpredictable because of  language laws making many investors reluctant to dabble however, judging by the amount of new highrises going up and the recent offensive in gobbling up single family homes by foreign money makes many Quebec citizens worried, feeling they are on their own precipice needing a fence.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PRECIPICE”.