Hospitality Delivered

Liquid hospitality delivered by strong young man in green Montreal Jazz Festival tee-shirt at Quartier-des-spectacles.

Liquid hospitality delivered by strong young man in green Montreal  Jazz Festival tee-shirt with wire basket on head filled with ice-cold  beer at Quartier-des-spectacles.

Liquid hospitality delivered by a strong young man in green colored Montreal Jazz Festival tee-shirt holding metal wire baskets filled with ice-cold cans of beer on their heads roamed around the Quartier-des-spectacles.

This nice guy took time to pose for me while he was on his way delivering his cheer in the vicinity of the Bell Stage, located at the east-end of the festival site probably, because business was brisk at that particular time due to weather that was cool and overcast.

Most likely if that day been a typical Montreal July day, hot, sticky, and sunny, he would be much too busy to provide me this opportunity then again, I don’t know maybe he was just being very friendly and hospitable to fans enjoying the annual Montreal Jazz Festival.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HOSPITALITY”.

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