Pink Ladies Gold Frame

Pink ladies in gold frame twin sisters portrait is composed of pink variants and other colors.
Pink ladies in gold frame are not entirely that red shade instead color variants  are everywhere qualifying it for post.

Pink ladies in a gold frame are not, as my picture depicts, entirely that shade of red instead color variants of it are everywhere qualifying it for this post.

I took this interesting digital image a few years ago when visiting an indoor flea market, where the portrait of these two ladies, who look like twin sisters, hung on a wall in the rented floor space of one of the market dealers.

It was sort of hidden away obscured by other “art” work and piled up stuff gathering dust away from visiting public view not easily seen until I spotted it.

Going to the Saint Michel Flea Market is always exciting because you never know what new things will turn up during the tour of  numerous dealer kiosks inside the building selling all sorts of interesting junk.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”PINK”.