Mass Mind Control

Mass mind control disguised as relaxation or meditation exercise is mass hypnosis induced by trained speaker.
Mass mind control disguised as relaxation or meditation exercise is mass hypnosis induced by trained speaker using “voice roll” allowing suggestion.

Mass mind control depicted in picture disguised as a relaxation or meditation exercise is mass hypnosis induced by speaker allowing the induction of guilt and acute apprehension causing increased tension in room based on what the speaker says to the attentive audience.

The large room is purposely cooled to a prescribed temperature and bathed with appropriate, modern, repetitive music, mimicking human heart beat 45 to 72 beats per minute, allegedly to help audience relax and concentrate while the speaker employs a “voice roll”, talking in a monotonous, patterned, style that seems to emphasize every word uttered, with word rate delivered at 45 to 60 beats a minute inducing a hypnotic effect.

Additionally, the room has fluorescent type lighting providing just the right “feel” being not too bright or dim, conditions just perfect for a mesmerizing effect helping relax the audience psyche in preparation to suggestion by the speaker.

Success takes time in any business including this one because a process is followed, things done step-by-step similar to every seduction where the initial approach is followed by perhaps, “love bombing” creating a bond through thought & feeling sharing, followed by increasing commitment, and finally full commitment, the brainwashing completed.

Most everyone has heard about the classical political thriller “the Manchurian Candidate”, a Hollywood movie with Frank Sinatra, an ex-Korea POW discovers a fellow brainwashed POW recruited somehow to assassinate the leading Presidential candidate which would later allow overthrow of US government and foment dictatorship.

This movie released a second time recently is based on experiences of Americans captured during Korean War and subjected to mind altering techniques by their North Korean communist captors in cahoots with Chinese and Soviet “advisors”.

Apparently, the very clever and cunningly deceptive methods used subjected prisoners to memory loss so they never knew what hit them during their time in captivity only finding out later after their release and much rehabilitation psychotherapy how affected they were perhaps, for the rest of their normal lives.

Their experiences would be mirrored by other American captives during the Vietnam war where similar more perfected form of brainwashing was used by the North Vietnamese, most victims were downed flyers including Senator John McCain, who ended up in the infamous Hanoi’s main Hỏa Lò Prison aka “Hanoi Hilton”, a notorious torture and brainwashing facility housing the downed American pilots.

Subjected to horrible torture both physical and psychological John McCain broke down after 5 1/2 years maltreatment and an attempted suicide he then made a “confession” used by the communists for their propaganda, something he still regrets however, also acknowledges he had reached his absolute limit being tortured daily without let up.

Not all brainwashing is for military/political or religious reasons some may be employed to sell commercial products where the recruitment process and mind control techniques are used to deceive or trick people to join the group in selling things like for example women’s cosmetics, health products, gym memberships, or exclusive clothing and accessories.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CONTROL”.