Red Cap Danger

Cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet a danger if eaten and could make it your last meal.
Cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet there is danger from toxic α-amanitin it may release. 

Almost obscured by dead leaves and tree twig pieces a cute red cap Amanita family mushroom appears harmless yet there is danger from toxin it may release when cooked and eaten.

Every year thousands of people die from wild poisonous mushrooms some that look similar to ones that are edible even some “experts” have died because they made a mistake when they gathered mushrooms somehow mixing a toxic variety in with good ones.

The mushroom depicted is, I believe, Amanita Hemibapha and looks like the Amanita Caesarea, that I read was a favorite meal of non other than Julius Caesar, both allegedly are edible non-poisonous varieties however, there many others that look similar and if eaten would make it your last meal.

The toxin released by poisonous members of the Amanita family called α-amanitin causes death or destroys or kidneys, liver, and heart usually within 48 hours.

The Amanita family is a large family containing but two known “good” mushrooms and a lot of toxic ones some being in the top ranks of poisonous mushrooms, the death angels Amanita virosa, Amanita. bisporigera, Amanita verna, and Amanita ocreata

This genus of mushrooms allegedly causes 95% of deaths worldwide with the Death Cap variety taking 50% of the credit.

This is my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”DANGER”.

7 thoughts on “Red Cap Danger

  1. Thanks for the info from one who picks wild mushrooms. My criteria is the skin should peel off, it should look like a mushroom and smell like a mushroom. Hopefully I won’t be a statistic one day but I would never eat one with a red cap.

    1. Perhaps, you should read up on this because the two things you mentioned are not a guarantee heck, you may be playing “Russian Roulette” here.

    1. Looks are not a guarantee because some fungi appear harmless yet are not and you do not want to play “Russian Roulette” here.

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