Knackered Toy Horse

 Little knackered toy horse rests against steel wire fence amid bulldozed remains of burnt old corner store.
Little knackered toy horse bathed by afternoon sunshine rests against steel wire fence amid bulldozed remains of old burned down corner general store.

The little, old, knackered children’s toy rocking horse rests amid the bulldozed debris of the old corner “depanneur”(general store) that had burned down a few years ago remaining a vacant, fire and smoke blackened eyesore.

A bulldozer rested in the background on top of a hill(not shown) created by remains of the main part of the torn down burnt structure bathed in late afternoon sunshine on that Good Friday.

I had just left the local metro station(subway) walking about two blocks heading northward when I came across that familiar corner and noticed the metal fence behind which was destruction, piles of splintered and charred burnt wood, bricks, steel beams, twisted sheet metal, and an assortment of miscellaneous debris.

After viewing the scene for a bit I decided to record what I saw when I spotted this old children’s rocking horse and two orbs, one clear glass(shown) and the other composed of many tiny reflecting mirrors.

These were resting against a metal security fence surrounding the demolished old, burnt, two-story combination depanneur-apartment house.

Easter Sunday was just two days away and I was in Montreal to attend Good Friday services about to happen nearby in less than half an hour when I found this very interesting scene and spent a few minutes taking pictures.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”KNACKERED”.