Sheep Sink Russian Intelligence Ship In Fog Blanket

Sheep sink Russian intelligence ship in fog blanket when spy boat collides with animal transport freighter.
“Sheep sink Russian intelligence ship in fog blanket” said the breaking news bulletin yesterday, Thursday, April 27, 2017, the ship sunk and crew is safe.

BREAKING NEWS: Sheep Sink Russian Intelligence Ship In Fog Blanket.

Yesterday, Thursday, April 27, 2017, a Russian spy ship, the Liman, sunk off the Turkish coast after a collision with Togo-flagged Youzarsif H, a freighter traveling from Romania to Jordan and carrying 8,800 sheep.

Russia’s Defense Ministry in Moscow issued a statement later that day confirming the Liman sunk after being pierced through hull below the waterline and despite a valiant effort by its crew to keep it afloat.

All 78 Russian crew members  rescued by Turkish coast guard and are safe to be picked up later by other passing Russian navy ships alerted of the disaster.

Thursday morning was just another day at sea and Boris Badinov along with partner Natasha were in the communications room anxiously awaiting final instructions from “Center”(Moscow Center) finally the message they awaited arrived, it was 13:00, Fearless Leader was calling.

The encoded message was clear: “Don’t keel Moose and Squal!”…Wow, that took a load off their shoulders heck, they did a lot of special training, preparing for months for this assignment and suddenly it didn’t matter anymore, they were going to Syria instead, to help set up better security at those new airfields Russia annexed for their own use from president Assad.

After hearing the good news they both decided to celebrate remembering the Moskovskaya (vodka) and that Amerikanski Florida orange juice they had managed to smuggle with them in their “deeplomatik puch” after getting back from their last assignment in New York city, USA.

Soon other comrades, most of Liman’s crew, were invited to enjoy some “Amerikanski Skru” drink and the “zakuskiis”(mixed cold cuts) that the ship’s mess crew chief brought over from the kitchen, the party was just starting when the ship shuddered hard throwing everybody off-balance some falling down and that terrible metallic tearing sound was heard and then the lights went out…

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”BLANKET”.