Nova Scotia Wanderlust

Nova Scotia wanderlust happens looking at old picture of lone Highland piper playing, with Peggy's Cove lighthouse behind her.
Nova Scotia wanderlust happens looking at old picture showing lone Highland piper playing bagpipe behind is Peggy’s Point Lighthouse, brings back memories of my last visit to Canada’s east coast.

Nova Scotia wanderlust happens looking at old picture showing lone piper playing her bagpipe while behind her looms Peggy’s Point Lighthouse seemingly conjured out of the gray, rocky, rugged hill, bringing back memories of my wonderful last visit to Peggy’s Cove on Canada’s east coast.

It was an overcast day with sporadic gusts of wind coming in from the North Atlantic making it a bit uncomfortable however, determined to capture on film as much of this incredible scene as I could so I wandered about taking interesting shots as I went along.

Suddenly, I heard that familiar sound and tried to find from where it was coming from; I turned around and she appeared, dressed in her Highland Scottish bagpiper garb playing for a small group of visitors gathered around her listening and enjoying the music and then she stopped for a moment.

I scrambled to get a good shot of her while played for the group however, as luck would have it they quickly moved on and she had already removed her Glengarry bonnet when I took this picture, too bad!

Peggy’s Cove is a small Nova Scotian rural community located on the eastern shore of St. Margaret’s Bay that is about 43 km from the Port of Halifax.

It is a place like no other in the world parts of it seem like your walking on another planet because of its barren land populated by huge glacier carved, erosion smoothed out boulders and crevices intermingled with some scrub, sun-burned grasses.

The boulders continue down to the shoreline, an area containing large dark-colored algae covered rocks constantly swept by rolling waves coming in from the cruel North Atlantic, that may reach many stories high depending on the tides, signs warning people of the danger of being swept away are found here.

Despite warning signs some people still venture into this restricted area sometimes paying with their lives when a rogue wave from the bitterly cold, salty ocean rolls in unexpectedly; I personally saw two people almost getting caught however, thankfully it was a smaller wave and only got them wet from its spray meanwhile, biting at their feet as they desperately clung to some rock.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”WANDERLUST”.

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