Different Roots

Three different flowers, two vines, moss, and grasses each with different roots co-exist in old rotting remnant of wooden barrel.
Each plant or flower has different roots yet all are doing well co-existing in old rotting remnant of wooden barrel on bare ground surrounded by grasses and weeds.

Each plant or flower has different roots however, all seem to be doing well co-existing with each other in this old rotting remnant part of a wooden barrel sitting on the soil surface surrounded by dead and live green grasses and weeds near the deteriorating old barn wall.

My picture depicts a melange of three different flowers one red, one yellow with brown center, and the other all yellow and what looks like two vines sprouting a few little red flowers here and their sharing barrel space with some brown-green moss and grasses at far end edge.

I took this picture last year when visiting some relatives at their cottage overlooking Lake Memphremagog in the eastern townships south of Montreal.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ROOTS”.

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