Avid Machinists

Avid machinists group compares a line of "live" centers for lathe work at SME 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show.
Avid group of machinists compares line of “live” centers for their lathe work at SME sponsored 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show at Place Bonaventure.

A group of avid machinists visiting last year’s SME sponsored 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology
Show at Place Bonaventure seems to be comparing various characteristics inherent in a line of “live” centers for lathe work.

One of the guys points at that big very interesting, specialized, one at the front of exhibit line that has some very unusual features including those six inserts perhaps bearings, spaced out around the precision ground pointy center.

These men most likely involved in machining perhaps working in a machine shop or automated machine work center therefore appreciate knowing about new advances in tooling for their trade that they may learn and see samples of at this large trade show.

I like touring these shows, and have done this for a number of years, to learn of and see new advances in manufacturing and related technologies moreover, I enjoy talking to exhibitors most.

A lot of these exhibitors are company engineers and management and I like to query them about their products and their application in industry and beyond.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”AVID”.