Graphic Harmony

Graphic harmony exists in La Patrie building on Saint Catherine combining excellent, classic, archectural design, metal work, street art, and posters.
Graphic harmony exists in old limestone La Patrie building on Saint Catherine that combines excellent, classical, architectural design,  metal work, elaborately carved Doric-style columns, enclosed balcony with balustrade, street art, and posters.

There seems a graphic harmony with this old Limestone building located in Montreal’s east end, on Saint Catherine street, where street art and modern posters peering out of the second story front metal frame windows combined with its excellent, classical, architectural design, elaborate stone sculptures, lettering, fancy ornate metal work, elaborately carved Doric-style columns, and a balcony enclosed by a stone balustrade.

The structure my picture depicts is the old La Patrie building built around 1908 for a popular, radical, French language daily newspaper with the same name founded in 1879 by a notable gentleman called Honoré Beaugrand selling it to another businessman in 1897, who after taking over funded the building’s construction about a decade later and ran the paper until its bankruptcy in the late 1970’s.

Presently, this very interesting, solid, building appears vacant and unused, it seems a waste not to use it because it has had some upgrading done in the past like for example those modern looking windows which mesh in well with the rest of it.

By-the-way, those posters on the second floor are not there, simply some photo editing I did to make my picture more interesting and I also added that big raccoon wearing the skull and cross-bones t-shirt showing his tongue plastered near the front door.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt: “HARMONY”.