Cranky Old Davey Jones

Cranky old Davey Jones condemned to skipper mysterious, ghost-ship, man-of-war, Flying Dutchman until Doomsday.
Cranky old Davey Jones legend says is actually Hendrick Van der Decken in secret deal with devil doomed Flying Dutchman in great storm off Cape of Good Hope, Africa.

The famous specter, ghost ship, Flying Dutchman, is skippered by cranky old Davey Jones legend says was actually Hendrick Van der Decken, who with reckless abandon and insensitivity for his crew doomed his ship that disappeared in a great storm off Cape of Good Hope, South Africa in the mid-1600’s.

This mysterious ship, a man-of-war, haunts the seas off the Cape and is allegedly an omen of bad luck, a harbinger of death and destruction for ships sighting it most likely during a major gale.

It is destined to voyage forever because Captain Decken aka Davey Jones cursed he would round the Cape even if it meant for him to sail the ship “until Doomsday” perhaps, because he already secretly made a deal with the devil.

Scuttlebutt has it that the latest sighting of the doomed war ship happened during WWII when someone saw and accurately described a sailing ship matching the Dutchman although they were totally ignorant of the superstitious legend about it.

My picture depicts legendary Cap’n Jones made of welded scrap metal, that I found inside an army surplus store on Saint Lawrence boulevard near Saint Catherine street.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CRANKY”.