Brain Fry

Montreal's Christ Church Cathedral's gargoyle's unmistakable brain fry look stares down on Saint Catherine street foot traffic.
Gargoyle’s unmistakable brain fry look stares down from front facade of Montreal’s Christ Church Cathedral on passersby walking along Saint Catherine street.

The gargoyle’s unmistakable brain fry look stares down from the front facade of the Christ Church Cathedral on passersby walking Saint Catherine street west.

This old Anglican Gothic Revival cathedral is located between Union Avenue and University Street next door to the famous old now defunct Eaton’s Department store building.

His “mug’ was just one of many gargoyles that adorn the front of this old Protestant church built on its present site nearly 100 years ago with modifications and restorations happening well up to the early 1980’s.

The gargoyles, grotesque carved faces adorning the church front are advertising signs, visual tokens or marks, reminding medieval illiterate people of evil spirits and monsters that they may encounter outside the church, and how lucky the congregation are when inside because it is the house of God and evil fears entering there.

Gargoyles also serve as ‘guardians’ of church property designed to ward off all evil lurking outside.

Gargoyles became popular during the 13th century as fancy drainage waterspouts incorporated into the Gothic architecture projecting from the structure’s upper facade or its roof gutter helped clear rain water from walls and foundation.

In 1988 the Province of Quebec recognized Christ Church Cathedral as historic, listing it in Patrimoine culturel du Québec, soon followed by Canadian federal government designating this very interesting structure modeled after typical 14th century English Gothic-style churches a national historic site.

In addition to being an architectural jewel, Christ Church Cathedral, also has a history with the Canadian military, the Canadian Grenadier Guards, who claim it their regimental church.

This association is very apparent especially each November 11, Remembrance Day, when members of the Guards march from McGill University’s Arts Building on campus to this church for religious services moreover, the church also houses the Guards’ retired regimental colors.

The gargoyle picture depicted is one that I took last summer 2016, while walking along Saint Catherine towards my metro(subway) station.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”FRY”.

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  1. Gargoyles are so freaky! Particularly if you have seen the Dr Who episode – Don’t Blink 😃🐻

    1. I like them too however, I’ve never seen that Dr Who episode therefore can’t relate to your impressions. Thank you for commenting!

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