Timely Apparatus

Minox camera a timely apparatus perfect for covert intelligence work stealing classified information during in last century.
Minox camera a timely apparatus perfect for America, Britain, and Nazi Germany covert intelligence work during WWII and later by Iron Curtain Eastern Bloc stealing classified information.

A timely apparatus conceived early last century by Baltic German Walter Zapp inventing it in 1936 following some brainstorming with two friends agreeing the world needed a small easily portable camera.

Originally produced from 1937-1943 by VEF (Valsts Elektrotehniska Fabrika) in Riga, Latvia retaining patent protection in 18 countries after camera redesign with production resumed in Germany in 1948 after WWII.

The Minox camera is a handy, easy to use, sub-miniature device that fits in the palm your hand making it an obvious choice perfect for covert action which intelligence agencies in America, Britain and Germany, and most of the Eastern Bloc involved with stealing classified information like state secrets.

Minox camera dimensions are small measuring 80 mm × 27 mm x 16 mm; its weight is a mere 130 grams, a dream come true for spies.

Its size and close-focusing lens made it perfect for covert uses such as surveillance or document copying enabling treachery by the likes of notorious Soviet spy John A. Walker Jr steal and transfer US Navy cryptography programs during the 1980’s at height of cold war devastating American intelligence.

Beginning in the 1970’s, 1974 to 1976 Minox also delved into 35mm and 110 film cameras as well as other optical and photographic equipment while today their cameras are now digital format ones resembling the old Minox-B only a bit bulkier.

My picture depicts, I believe, the Minox-A(III) incorporating some of the extras therefore, lengthening the whole thing from its original size mentioned previously.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt: “TIMELY”.