Heal By Eyes

Heal by eyes, windows to your health state, gives false sense of credibility and security about Iridology pseudoscience.
Heal by eyes because they are windows to your health state sounds very rational with a bit of truth giving some a false sense of security about the quackery.

Heal by eyes, because they are windows to your body’s health sounds very rational and has a ring of truth to it that every real medical doctor knows however, to get genuine facts about your health requires much more done to positively ascertain the real facts.

“There’s a sucker born every minute,” a quote allegedly by P.T. Barnum famous circus and freaks promoter showman however, he never said those words instead his competitor did after losing a lawsuit against him never-the-less, those words seem to sum things up regarding some people’s belief in Iridology as a science.

In the far past most of society remained uneducated today ours is allegedly a computer literate one populated by easy to fool people, who despite their advanced education still want to believe “snake oil” salesmen.

Perhaps, it is because of their strong conditioning by our so-called free, independent, mass media’s dissemination of the “real” truth everyday fogging their natural scepticism turning them instead into obedient useful fools relying on hearsay and social media chatter.

Reminiscent of Pavlov’s dog experiments with stimulation, they salivate when hearing and seeing some new “advance” in medicine that claims to heal whatever ails you.

Perhaps because they fear real doctors and modern medicine after hearing sensational media produced horror stories for example about how needed life-saving mass immunization is dangerous.

They also worry about waiting in line for an appointment with a real doctor and dread its cost  as well as any prescriptions or therapies etc.

Mentioned for the first time in a text called Chiromatica Medica by a Philippus Meyeus published in 1665 explicitly describing iridological principles such as homolaterality, the word “iridology” didn’t exist yet because it hadn’t been invented until 1848 when Hungarian Ignaz von Peczely probably coined it.

This alternative medicine doctor,  Von Peczely’s idea for a diagnostic tool was a chart for his new “science” whose proponents claim simply viewing the iris for certain patterns, colors, and other characteristics afterwards comparing that to it gives information on state of patient’s health.

Apparently, comparing markings and patterns viewed with those on that elaborate iris chart determines which parts of the patient’s body are affected based on their correlation to 80 to 90 different “zones”.

Unfortunately, modern scientific and clinical data still has not been able to credibly support any correlation between human illness and observational findings that match these iris charts.

Our medical profession views iridology as pseudoscience or quackery rejecting all its claims instead, attributes any so-called relief of illness symptoms it allegedly may have to a short duration, very strong, placebo effect attributed to person’s strong belief it actually helps them.

Iridology is a worthless scam in diagnosing any illnesses however, its possible consequences on the gullible include delaying real medical treatment resulting in permanent patient disability or death, wasting time, and wasting money.

As most scams or cons, it gives some a false sense of security because the gullible truly believe or want to believe it can do what the smooth talking salesperson told them.

Additionally, they may also be frightened into buying so-called recommended, unneeded, expensive, dietary supplements and/or herbs to treat imaginary health problems that can actually lead to unwanted real ones later on.

To protect ourselves from fraud we must learn to be sceptical and demand seeing credible evidence before accepting something as real.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”HEAL”.