Meanwhile Much Later

Meanwhile, much later I found local band called Le Mai Tai Orchestra playing Tiki type music reminiscent of Hawaii or Tahiti.
Meanwhile, much later I found very talented locals called Le Mai Tai Orchestra performing Tiki type music reminiscent of Hawaii or Tahiti on Hyundai Stage situated on the north-west part of Quartier-des-Spectacles.

Meanwhile,  much later,  around 8 PM, after wandering around Quartier-des-Spectacles enjoying several shows including West Trainz mobile troupe once more I found the Le Mai Tai Orchestra performing on the Hyundai Stage,  situated on corner of De Maisonneuve and Jeanne-Mance or the north-west part of the Quartier entertainment grounds.

These guys are very talented locals,  excellent musicians,  who have a thing for Polynesian  Tiki music and are so good  hearing them reminds you of Hawaii or Tahiti that is if you ever travelled there or perhaps, viewed some TV footage containing that music.

The whole crew, and there are 9 members including a young woman with floral headband,  dressed in printed floral summer shirts and wear multi-color garlands similar you would get upon arrival in Hawaii, some of the fellows also wear caps or a hat, and dark glasses.

Alas, my picture only shows only part of this ensemble however, there are two other members hidden away in the wings of the image.

One of them, one right side of picture behind the bongo drums player, wears a white cap with “Hawaii” printed on the front and very dark cool “shades” with grayish-white plastic frames, he plays guitar.

The other, on left side of picture,  wears just the floral shirt plays the electronic piano-organ synthesizer creating custom synthetic sound to order.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”LATER”.