Radiological Death Passport

Liquidator holds Russian language radiological death passport detailing movement and exposure time in Chornobyl reactor zone.
Man holding his radiological death passport detailing in Russian his every movement and time spent in Chornobyl affected zone since date he arrived.

Liquidator holds his Russian language radiological death passport detailing movement and exposure time in Chornobyl reactor zone since his arrival in it on June 11, 1986.

Two months earlier on April 26th, 1986 at 1:24 a.m. Chornobyl Reactor # 4 explodes sending a plume of radioactive particles high into the atmosphere over much of Europe and around the globe.

Radiation near Chornobyl Reactor # 4 was 2080 Roentgen taking only 15 minutes to kill a person remaining there meanwhile, life in Pripyat, the town nearby, everything continues as if nothing happened there is no official information or evacuation order released to the public despite Moscow already knowing about the disaster unfolding.

President Michail Gorbachev and his commissars hesitate not knowing what to do preferring to wait until much later.

Our survivor, now living in Canada, was one of 830,000 people involved in the massive accident management operation the USSR government launched in the aftermath of the world’s biggest nuclear disaster before the Fukushima nuclear accident in Japan on 11 March 2011 his papers detail participation in the cleanup that lasted for months.

Cleanup workers like this man , known as liquidators, averaged 3 months in the affected area and were normally exposed to radiation doses averaging ~0.1 Gy although some received higher doses 3,4 Gy nevertheless 1 in 5 liquidators died before 2005 most in their 30s and 40s.

Each liquidator was limited to very short times exposed to the contamination having to leave when their alloted time  was up to prevent radiation overexposure  even today visitors to the affected areas warned to leave after a few minutes when encountering random still numerous radiation hot spots their Geiger counters find.

I am not going to discuss those sacrificed within hours or days, the first group of firefighters, military aviators flying 80 helicopters to fight the fires inside the reactor, and the thousands of miners digging under the floor of the melted reactor core to cool it with liquid nitrogen instead, about those that came later after a much greater disaster  averted earlier which could have made half of Europe uninhabitable.

Chornobyl’s magnitude has still not been officially acknowledged nor has the mass media disseminated much to the general public about it  furthermore, nobody not even Gorbachev has taken any responsibility for it.

They care not about the increase of radiation related sicknesses  happening today to suffering affected families nor about all the early deaths of the cleanup crews.

Despite high rates of cancers and related abnormal diseases affecting hundred of thousands in the radiation contaminated areas in Belorussia, Ukraine, Russia, and areas across the globe  world governments are doing very little about it.

They have adopted the famous three monkey approach to it relying on their controlled ‘free independent’ mass media to give scant mentioning about Chornobyl’s impact on our civilization.

They have even applied  this to the continuing Japanese Fukushima disaster perhaps, this is because our world elite and their families have not personally been affected because after all, bad things always seems to happen somewhere else far away!

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