Pedalophone Territory

Children amused by Le Pedalophone in Montreal's Quartier-des-Spectacles territory during Jazz Festival.
Quartier-des-Spectacles territory Le Pedalophone merry-go-round amuses young children for parents during Montreal’s International Jazz Festival.

Montreal’s Quartier-des-Spectacles territory has Le Pedalophone merry-go-round designed to help parents amuse their young children while visiting the annual International Jazz Festival.

Parents with young children are stressed enough however, attending public events puts added stress sometimes preventing their own enjoyment of free outdoor shows happening realizing this the Festival organizers to address this important issue set aside a portion of the site.

The area selected is on the north-eastern side of the Quartier and populated with various fast-food kiosks and amusements for children who accompany their music loving parents to the Festival.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”TERRITORY”.