Aged Elixir

True Canadian aged elixir like one depicted if used for "medicinal purposes" makes pain disappear after couple glasses.
True Canadian aged elixir like one depicted should  be used for “medicinal purposes” only and never abused.

True Canadian aged elixir like the one depicted should only be used for “medicinal purposes” like when you are suffering with pain because after a couple glasses that pain magically disappears heck, it  certainly reduces it, which itself is worth its weight in gold.

Some say if used carefully this exclusive potion may even prolong life indefinitely err.. well perhaps, not forever but then again every little bit helps when you are suffering age it must however, never be abused because it can also shorten your life.

This particular preparation aged 12 long years by the Hirham Walker Distillery before ending up inside this fancy, classic,  decanter with gilded Canadian Club label and seal  designed to improve its marketability.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”ELIXIR”.

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