Obsession Symptom

Donald Trump's election as US president causes some what psychologists would call a symptom of neurotic obsession.
Donald Trump’s election as US president causes some to find something, anything to tear him down, this psychologists would call a symptom of neurotic obsession.

The election of Donald Trump as US president causes some a neurotic obsession symptom coercing them to find something, anything to denigrate, putdown, and smear this man everyday just because he won and they hate that.

Since the election and his inauguration president Trump has been under a microscope everyday for every action he has taken as the president, numerous technical roadblocks and various other diabolical impediments engineered by his political enemies to create a crisis or fear atmosphere shown or written by their controlled media fake news peddlers.

Never in American history or world history has there ever been a presidential candidate subjected to this sort of never-ending daily assault by the controlled “free” media.

Each day 24/7/365 the political pundits, talking heads, and experts continue their attack as the president continues to irk them using Twitter banter to bait them into an obscene frenzy.

The American people made their final decision rightly or wrongly in November of 2016 after silently suffering personal hardships and absorbing tons of slanted, shameless, campaigning by various presidential choices for years and deciding they needed something new because their Hope died during 8 years of Barak Hussein Obama’s famous Change.

Realizing how duped they were by Democrats led by Obama into $$$$20 Trillions of more debt, average, ordinary Americans woke up and voted for Donald Trump, the unlikely, unorthodox, candidate, guaranteed to lose to Clinton according the experts and everybody else heck, it was a done deal!

My picture, found at an indoor flea market and photographed by me, depicts someone’s skilled photo work using Donald Trump to express their flawed, politically correct joke or message probably proving their inane, neurotic obsession with the man.

This is my contribution for WP single word prompt:”SYMPTOM”.