It IS Easy Being Green Family

It is easy being green in springtime shows mallard mother duck leads her obedient family around the lake.
It is easy being green in springtime mallard mother duck leads obedient family paddling around Centennial Park lake during late afternoon avoiding predators.

It is easy being green mallard mother duck with obedient family paddling around the lake in the springtime during late afternoon trying to avoid predators.

The little guys stay close to mother trying to grow up quickly to survive by avoiding enemies ready to pounce on them.

As my picture shows a female mallard duck leads her brood around the man-made lake in Centennial Park in the West Island while another female mallard duck in the foreground not moving seems to watch perhaps, guarding over them.

Each year I witness this same sort of scene while I walk the path circling the lake where I encounter waterfowl families quietly moving through the still water of this lake or just lurking in the tall grasses that line the shore either resting or eating something.

An assortment of wild ducks and Canada geese come back here each spring knowing the lake is a safe place to lay eggs, hatch young, and help them survive until they can fend for themselves.

This my contribution for WP weekly photo challenge:”IT IS EASY BEING GREEN”.

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