Minimal Mechanical Effort

Total building destruction is minimal mechanical effort with crushing hydraulic monster metal jaws.
Total destruction of old building requires minimal mechanical effort with hydraulic monster metal jaws that crush everything.

Total destruction of old buildings requires minimal mechanical effort with depicted hydraulic monster metal  jaws that crush reinforced concrete, heavy gauge steel sheet metal, wood, and old gyproc wall board.

About two weeks ago while walking along Saint Catherine towards Montreal’s famous Saint Lawrence Boulevard or “Main” as locals have called it, I came across the active demolition of the old Woolworth store building located on the corner of these two streets.

The old building had been vacant and boarded up for some time therefore with all the construction activity in this area I was not surprised about what was going on that day however, the efficiency and speed of its destruction impressed me.

There were three mechanical shovels, one which sported the crushing steel jaws tearing, everything down, scooping up the debris, and loading it all onto huge waiting dump trucks meanwhile, a small caterpillar was also busy pushing loose debris into neat piles to be scooped later by one of the shovels.

Fortunately, it was drizzling light rain that day which helped keeping dust controlled nevertheless there was another piece of equipment that was hosing the debris with a fine spray of water as it was being  loaded onto the waiting trucks.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MINIMAL”