Conquer Winter Snow

Man knows how to conquer winter snow using powerful snowblower to clean his driveway.
Man knows how to conquer winter snow using powerful snowblower instead of doing backbreaking work with shovel.

This man knows how to conquer winter snow because instead backbreaking work with a shovel he uses a powerful snowblower to clean his driveway after the massive snowstorm that hit Montreal last Tuesday, March, 14, 2017.

Last week Montreal experienced a lot of snow in a short time affecting most everything including Montreal’s Trudeau Airport, most schools, a lot of businesses, land transportation in and out of the city center because clogged highways with stuck vehicles or they slid off the road, and multiple accidents.

As always happens in these huge blizzards people die and this one claimed 4 people, and immobilized 300 vehicles on Highway 13 stranding people for 12 hours, caused a 50 car pileup near the own of Magog close to the US border in the Eastern Townships just to name a few incidents.

The amount of snow that fell surpassed a previous record that happened way back on March 4, 1971 paralyzing the city with a 43.2 cm snow dump on it along with winds gusting up to 110 kilometers per hour resulting little moving around except some people helping police using snowmobiles for emergencies because of the blowing snow and very low visibility.

Outside the city the dump on the province of Quebec was even greater with 47 cm of the white stuff making it the “storm of the century” back then requiring a lot of work to get things back to normal.

Along with the heavy snow, howling winds, and snow drifting, many parts of the province got blacked out because of that fierce weather due to power outages from downed lines

That memorable blizzard lost its top dog status when another wicked storm on December 27, 2012 with over 45.6 cm of snow blasted this area setting a new record.

Last week a total of 40 cm of snow fell on Montreal while other parts of the province were digging out from as much as 70 cm of snow.

By-the-way, according to historical records on March 1, 1900 Montreal experienced probably its most heaviest total snowfall ever with a record 55 cm dump help setting that March’s total of 118 cm which is four times what is typical.

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