Fiddling Around Controversy

Bearded guy wearing Stetsin fiddling while around him band members seem in controversy.
Bearded guy with worn Stetson continues fiddling while band members around him seem embroiled in controversy.

While he continues fiddling around him band members seem embroiled in controversy joined by another member just walking into the picture on the stage in the famed Place Heineken beer tent.

The scene in the tent seems unreal then again, the Notre Dame De Grass folk music band playing appeared to be just a bunch of good ole’ boys havin’ some fun taking a break while the bearded guy wearing worn Stetson kept on fiddlin’ as another member of the band smiling walks onto the stage late perhaps, after remembering he had this gig to attend.

Them fellers certainly whipped up some darn good country when they hafta an’ all them folks settin’ ’round in the background certainly appreciated it meanwhile, enjoyin’ a bit “medicinal” brew served up by some cute young women folk at the Heineken bar.

This scene is from a free concert performed during the 2016 Montreal International Jazz Festival on Wednesday, June 29th, which I captured digitally.

It is also my contribution for WP single word prompt:”CONTROVERSY”.