Massive Workcenter

Massive workcenter is automatic production facility with multiple tools cycled until job is completed.
Massive workcenter production facility where multiple tools are automatically produced, used, and replaced with new ones cycle continued until job is completed.

Massive workcenter where multiple tools are automatically produced, task performed, tool withdrawn replaced by next one performing next task, withdrawn, replaced by another tool to perform next operation and the cycle continues depending on the complexity of part until job is completed and machine stops.

A workcenter is a computer controlled contained production facility, executing a sequence of steps until job is completed, this particular workcenter is a machining type used to make medium to large size metal product parts or pieces.

My picture depicts it as exhibited during the SME 2016 Montreal Manufacturing Technology Show, an industrial trade show held last May 14 to 16 at Place Bonaventure complex downtown.

Some of the more sophisticated workcenters are capable being self-contained mini-factories cranking out an impressive output of similar parts and requiring very little input from human operators except for routine maintenance, setup required for job, supplying raw materials, removal of output of production, and emergency shut down in case of technical glitch.

This my contribution for WP single word prompt:”MASSIVE”